True Facts About Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken

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With an exceptional career in the film industry, Christopher Walken is a walking legend with his distinctive hair, voice and phenomenal acting skills.

Walken’s incredible performances in movies like “The Deer Hunter”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Catch Me if You Can”, “Sleepy Hollow” and several other screenplays have won the respect and claim that any actor would itch to possess.

Starring alongside award winning actors like Al Pacino, Uma Thurman, Robert De Niro and many more, Walken’s addition to the film industry has always given upcoming stars an inspiring push to achieve ‘dead stopping’ roles.

His deep voice and that electrifying hairdo have so much to do with the kind of profile he carries, especially because the actor absolutely captivates the audience with his cool demeanor. His diversity in the range of characters he’s played in the past shows just how versatile the actor can be.

Right from playing the bad guy in movies to saving the moment with his intellectual feel and appeal on screen, Walken has always surprised the audience with performances that can shake any usual standards of theatrics.

The star actor has always led a personalized life, keeping professional and private matters separate. You might read his entire biography, but there will still be things that you probably didn’t know or missed out on:

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  • Margaret

    What about his role in Natalie Wood’s drowning death? What dies he know? Where was his wife that night?

  • KaptainAmericana

    He’s a great performer. Too bad all the big name Male actors are reaching for the grave soon.
    “What profit a man, if he gains the entire world, and loses his own soul?” – Jesus


  • aboonaj

    The most bone-tingly sinister face in Hollywood when the intention is to be intimidating! ANY role he plays is a viewer’s delight!

  • justmega

    True facts? As opposed to false facts?

  • Michael Mitchell

    A Behanding in Spokane was truly awesome. It’s one show I’ll always remember.

  • PJestin Trahan

    True facts? cold iced tea? Rather redundant. Don’t they require journalists to pass English classes?

  • Dean Charron

    “The Continental,” the best!

  • TransMaroBird

    They failed to mention that he was on the boat the night Natalie Wood drowned…