Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

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There are good actors and then there are great actors. And then, there is Johnny Depp. Who else could play the Mad Hatter or a pirate with a drinking problem and be awesome at both?

If the role is insane or larger than life, you know whom to call. From a mainstream heartthrob to an underground actor specialized in bizarre characters , he has become a cult figure in contemporary cinema all over the world.

And let’s not get started on the fact that he’s twice been voted the sexiest man alive by People Magazine (because that would take up the rest of this article!). We know him and adore him.

But wait!

Do you really know him? Here are 10 Depp facts that might surprise you a wee bit!

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  • tracey marie

    He is from Miramar Florida, he takes care of his sisters and mom. He is kind, generous, odd and uneducated, He has an inner weirdness. He has a knack for making money and he is as gorgeous in person as he is on screen. A good, short and funny man