The Bond Girls You Would Like To Have Morning Coffee With

Female James Bond

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Behind every great man is a great woman. Since the character of James Bond is among the greatest ones, he has needed a number of extraordinary women behind him since the beginning of the franchise in 1962.

We could hardly imagine a 007 without a Bond girl to love him or hate him. Throughout the years, James Bond franchise has been a star vehicle for some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Most of them have used the opportunity to launch very successful acting careers, though some sank into obscurity right after their appearance next to the famous secret agent.

However, a Bond girl has become a synonym for eternal beauty and female strength, and to play one is a great honor.

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  • Ed

    Denise was the ULTIMATE Bond girl. There has been no other with such beauty and natural grace. As to the script, she didn’t write the movie, and she certainly didn’t pick out her wardrobe. The critics are wrong most times, and this is one time they are ass-backwards… not very surprising really. She is still an incredibly beautiful woman…

  • kb6kgx

    WHAT????? How could any discussion of “Bond Girls” NOT include the amazing Barbara Bach???