Surprising Facts About Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner

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As if it wasn’t enough for giving the world so many gorgeous women already, the Jenner / Kardashian house has gifted us with another foxy lady.

Move over Kim, Kendal and Kylie, there’s a new woman in the house and she’s about to change the world and set some new standards and rules when it comes to gender and personal identity.

As we say goodbye to Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian, we welcome Caitlyn Jenner. Even though they share so many things together, including the body, they are not the same person.

Bruce is gone and Caitlyn is here to embark on her own adventures. It might be hard to understand the entire concept of gender transition but, fortunately, Caitlyn is here to teach us valuable lessons.

You think you might know everything about Bruce and Caitlyn, but here are ten things that might still surprise you.

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  • henry


  • Queerbuster

    No he is NOT a female! He is Bruce Jenner a man who is very disturbed in the head.

  • HubertCumberdale99

    Whaaaaat? This is absolutely disgusting!

  • Tactful

    @HubertCumberdale99:disqus I do not know what it is that you find so disgusting. The factoid that troubles me is the $270,000 club membership. THAT is totally disgusting! I’m somewhat bothered by the fact that Caitlyn said that her kids suffered the most and that she attempted transitioning in the 80s – if she knew then, I don’t know why she would repeat the married and having kids thing what, 3 times? Lastly, while it is great that people, especially kids, who identify as a gender that they were not born as, have a role model, I can’t help but think it is somewhat ‘easier’ for an extremely wealthy person, such as Bruce/Cait Jenner, to deal with. I’d imagine that it is very costly to transition and not really affordable for the vast majority of people. There, did I cover your concerns Hubert? :p

  • Mark Johnson

    What are the lessons Bruce is gonna teach us ? That the freaks come out during the day now, and not just at night ! LOL. What is really sad about this whole thing, is all the people willing to deny reality and humor these sad , sick people. They need mental health counseling, not award ceremonies. Wake up you sick enablers ! You are not helping these people. If somebody walked up to you and said ” I am Napoleon” , in a French accent, what would you do ? Would you go to the nearest costume shop and buy them a French generals uniform of the period. Then go back, bow before them and say, ” General, where would you like me to fight ? ” No you would call the boys in white, to come haul him away. For his protection and the protection of the public . I’ve heard the saying , the patients are in charge of the asylum, it is now actually true. Sad but true. I keep waiting for Rod Serling to walk out and say, welcome to the Twilight Zone, 😉