Jared Leto Brings Misery to His New Neighborhood

Jared Leto's house

photo credits: linkis.com

What a naughty boy Jared Leto is!

He upset his neighbors with a pre-Halloween party he threw on Friday night. He has recently moved to Laurel Canyon area, but its residents were far from thrilled with his festive behavior.

A neighborhood resident took to its Facebook page to express his annoyance with the behavior of Jared’s guests in an open letter.

“Dear Jared Leto, It’s really cool that you’re having a party at your compound. Perhaps you could educate all the people coming to you place the proper etiquette of driving uphill/downhill so as not to wreak havoc on the neighborhood at 10:30pm. Also, your guests should respect the residents and not park on the wrong side of the street blocking other people’s driveways. Thanks!!”

However, other residents, who are members of the page, raised their voices to defend the famous actor, claiming that it was not his fault that his invites behaved the way they did.

Also, as it was a Friday night and the eve of the spooky holiday, the neighbors should have showed a little more understanding.

Jared bought his new house with eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in January for $5 million. As he came here to stay for at least some time, his neighbors should better get used to parties.

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