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Believe it or not, celebrities too face troubles with respect to their physique. Yes, they’re mortals after all! They lose and gain weight constantly, struggling to strike a balance in their busy lives to achieve a fit and healthy body.

But knowing just how unexpected the ‘Hollywood life’ can be, there are many celebrities who give in to pretentious and unhealthy habits. While a few gain weight after a terrible round of rehab over drug addiction, a few others may just suffer from stress eating.

A few celebrities might undergo terrible anorexia symptoms and gain weight to get back a normal physique, with the difference in their overall appearance causing quite a commotion.

With the paparazzi sneaking around celebrities find it extremely hard to maintain a personal life which isn’t being gossiped about. Weight gain is a horrific change for a celebrity who has been part of the limelight for too long and is acclaimed for a sexy physique.

Many celebrities have undergone the critical stage of being judged on their looks and the additional pounds they gain. Whether that extra baggage is because of pregnancy or simply overeating, here is a list of the most famous celebrities who’ve gained weight in the last few years.

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