Celebrities Who Fight Against Body-Shaming

Venus of Willendor

photo credits: myabccoolimages.com

It isn’t easy to be a woman nowadays. Though the beauty and body ideal has changed through centuries, today women are under a constant pressure by fashion and entertainment industry to look in a particular way and to have particular weight.

They are expected to be flawless all the time, and if it’s not the case, they are exposed to public criticism. Whether we talk about fat-shaming or thin-shaming, body-shaming is something that is always rude and doesn’t have much to do with reality.

Social media websites have had a major role in fueling such hateful talk, as they provide the anonymity for people who attack the other people’s looks.

Though it’s not easy to eliminate all the weight hate, many celebrities do their best to raise the level of awareness and prevent the detrimental effect the imposed standards may have on girls and women worldwide.

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