12 Most Expensive Celebs Accessories

Most Expensive Celebs Accessories

photo credits: wildsoulsophistication.com

What’s better than buying outrageously expensive accessories to catch the paparazzo’s attention? Whether it is just about setting a trend or being a tad bit too extravagant, celebrities love accessorizing and it doesn’t really matter if it is just a pair of stockings or a gorgeous stone.

While most people spend their time window shopping, a celebrity out there will walk out of a Gucci store with an incredibly expensive accessory. Right from watches to brooches, some celebrities have made trademark purchases in the past with news that breaks into headlines for weeks.

Perhaps your favorite celebrity just bought a Bentley or a celebrity wedding is around the corner with the most expensive engagement rings at hand? They earn in millions and spend lavishly on accessories that make heads turn!

Here are some of the most expensive celebrity accessories so far.

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